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  Foreign Investment Law official landing!Foreign companies: our confidence in the Chinese market has never been greater 2020 January 1, "Foreign Investment Law", "optimize the business environment regulations implementation of synchronous landing.Through innovative institutional mechanisms to strengthen the joint collaboration, improve legal protection for standard international advanced level, our country will invest in all types of market players to create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable environment favorable.Imposed on foreign investment in "non-ban that is in" 2020 March 15, the Second Session of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress voted to adopt a "Peoples Republic of China Foreign Investment Law".Replaced by a new foreign investment law, "Foreign three methods", making access system for foreign investment promotion, protection, and management of unified regulations.Luo Dongchuan Supreme Peoples Court vice president, said, "Foreign Investment Law" established the basic framework for new foreign investment in Chinas legal system, access to foreign investment promotion, protection, and management made uniform regulations, foreign investment in the field is our new the basic law.At present, the "Encouraging Foreign Investment Industries", "foreign investment access special management measures," "free trade area experimental access to special measures to control foreign investment" has since 2020 implemented July 30.Among them, encourage foreign investment industry directory has 415.Associate Professor, Central University of Finance Liu Chunsheng said that in order to ensure a fair market environment, government policies, regulations, and other service measures should be open and transparent, predictable form of institutional environment.For example, the "negative list" market access system ensures that all types of market players clearly know exactly what areas may not invest, what areas restrictions.Meanwhile, the "Foreign Investment Law" and its implementing regulations established foreign-invested enterprises to set up and so no longer practiced approval, filing and management, namely the implementation of the "non namely the ban" to the laws and regulations in the form of.The law clearly state shall protect the intellectual property rights of foreign investors and foreign-invested enterprises, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the relevant right holders of intellectual property right holders; infringement of intellectual property rights, strict legal liability according to law.For the correct application of the "Foreign Investment Law", according to the law equal protection of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and foreign investors, the supreme law formulated the "on the application<中华人民共和国外商投资法>Interpretation of Several Issues ", since 1 January 2020 implementation.This judicial interpretation focusing settlement of disputes, in particular, to determine the validity of the contract issue, clear investment contract on the negative list of areas outside the formation, the parties to the contract without the approval of the relevant administrative departments, registration invalid claims by contract or not take effect the peoples court shall not support.Luo Dongchuan said that through these system design, the premise of maintaining law and order and protect foreign investment management, investment promotion contract effective as possible, to maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of investors.Strengthen market players to equal protection "to optimize the business environment regulations" lay a solid foundation to optimize the business environment of the rule of law from the national level, marking the construction of market-oriented business environment, rule of law and internationalization of China has entered a new stage."Regulations" clearly, the business environment means that companies and other institutional market players in market economic activities involved in the mechanism of factors and conditions.This suggests that optimize the business environment to focus on resolving the "soft environment" aspects of the institutional mechanisms, rather than infrastructure, environmental protection and other aspects of "hard environment".Strengthening the equal protection of market players, it is one of the issues of social attention."Regulations" establish internal and foreign market players and other non-discriminatory business environment basic norms, help create a market environment for fair competition.In addition, the "Regulations" also clearly pointed out to protect the market players in market access, access to factors of production, bidding and government procurement chain of equal treatment, protection of legitimate rights and interests of market players independent management rights, property rights and intellectual property law.Wu Jing eucalyptus, deputy director of the city Economic Research Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences said that mature experience and beneficial exploration "Regulations" the recent national and local have been universally practiced were summarized refining, the lack of a clear legal basis for the practice, through the relevant system designed to provide legal support It is a combination of Chinas national conditions, to play the advantages of the system, promote an innovation initiative, highlighting the Chinese market will continue to vigorously promote the reform of the determination and strength to the world."Regulations" clearly, the country continued to deepen decentralization, put the tube in combination, to optimize service reform, to minimize direct government configuration of market resources, minimize direct government intervention in market activities, strengthen supervision and standardize things in hindsight, efforts to enhance the ability and level of government services, and effectively reduce the institutional transaction costs, to stimulate greater market dynamism and social creativity, and enhance the development of power.To create a good business environment, is to make the will, the ability of businesses and individuals unimpeded access to markets, resources, stand out and grow in equal competition in all types of market players.Focus get rid of barriers to market entry and market exit, the implementation of tax cuts drop fee policy, solve the "financing difficulties, financing expensive" problem.Pain points for difficulty, through a series of system design, once again send a clear signal to the whole society, the state for the full and effective protection of the legitimate rights of market players, to create a good market environment unwavering determination.Liu Chunsheng said that only government more open and transparent, fair market rules in order to be more effective.Therefore, on the basis of administrative examination and approval, market regulation, government services, based on the open government institutionalization, standardization, information service market players "last kilometer" an important means to get through, but create high-quality business environment is a necessary ring.Innovation to further standardize law enforcement supervision, "We can clearly see that the country in order to optimize the business environment really made up my mind, to the foot of the intensity, burst vitality of the market, market players active in high-quality, high-level development pattern is bound to accelerate the formation of."Wen in Beijing lawyer Zhou Ruijun said," Foreign Investment Law "establish an information reporting and a higher level of openness to adapt to something in the post-regulatory system, the establishment of foreign investment service system, foreign fields discharge tube dress reform step a substantial steps conducive to building a higher level of open economy new system.Zhourui Jun said, "Bill," a single set of "legal protection" chapter, for the effective regulation of administrative power to further clarify the boundary.To regulate where regulatory aspects of power, firmly grasp the "policy-making" this critical issue, according to the higher law, listen to market players, the views of the Chamber of Commerce trade associations, public comments, etc..In addition, the "Regulations" also provides for a "review of fair competition", "legality audit" and other mechanisms, in order to maximize ensure the development of effective policies to achieve legitimate, coordinated, positive incentive effects.China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, said Tan Jinghui, fair and equitable regulation and law enforcement is an important part of the business environment, it is essential for the production and management of market players.In recent years, the main market for lack of supervision, arbitrary law enforcement, law enforcement, "one size fits all", "gust of wind" and other issues reflect strong.In this regard, the "Regulations" further standardize and innovative regulatory enforcement, regulatory rules and clear regulatory responsibility: government departments should be strictly in accordance with laws, regulations and responsibilities, implement the regulatory responsibility, a clear regulatory targets and scope, to clarify the regulatory powers, according to the law of market players the implementation of regulatory, supervisory achieve full coverage."Regulations" also innovative forms of regulation, specifically the implementation of credit regulation, "two randomized, open a" regulatory, prudential supervision inclusive "Internet + supervision" and other.At the same time, strengthen the linkage response and law enforcement cooperation, the implementation of administrative enforcement "three systems" to prevent law enforcement "across the board".In addition, for some local regulators usually indifferent, weak law enforcement, to straighten out special rectification, to take some perfunctory, simple and crude measures to deal with year-end assessment, market players generally required shutdown, shutdown behavior, "Regulations" to implement clearly defined administrative enforcement "three systems", to carry out rectification, rectification and other activities.Case Yan Wanda Electronics Co., Ltd., Wang Wei: the development of private enterprises to usher in the spring has been the vitality of the private economy is the economic development lies.Especially in Shenzhen, a vibrant private SMEs.In recent years, the center continued to private enterprises to create a better environment for development, increase business environment reform efforts in optimizing the market environment, improve the policy environment, sound legal environment, guide and standardize the development of corporate innovation and other aspects of foot work.2020 January 1, "Optimizing the business environment Ordinance" official purposes, will reduce costs in the business, the key to survival for elements of efficiency, promote financing, extension of space to play a positive role, will also promote the establishment of pro clear political and business relations, let government agencies, chambers of commerce, associations better serve businesses and entrepreneurs, to help reduce the burden on enterprises, protection of private enterprise development space, efforts to solve the personnel policy and other issues of concern to good business, continue to raise the level of government services, and strive to create international business development first-class business environment for Chinese entrepreneurs and each and every employee who worked hard in private enterprises can live with more sense of superiority, happiness.At the same time since 2020, the Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Shenzhen first big demonstration area of "dual-zone drive" good overlay, private enterprises will usher in the best development opportunity.Facing the new historical opportunity, private enterprises should increase independent innovation, to protect innovation, respect for intellectual property rights results in products and services as well as "first demonstration," actively participate in the development of high-quality construction reflects the requirements of the modern economy system to.As a root in Shenzhen Yan Wanda 27 years of development of new energy enterprises in recent years continued to increase investment in research and innovation in the field of new energy, has established academician workstation, the State Enterprise Technology Center, R & D expenditure accounted for the proportion of revenue more than 5%, and has assumed the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department wide range of issues.As of the third quarter of 2020, the company has achieved operating income of 177.3.9 billion yuan, an increase of 35 continue.36%, net 5.0.3 billion yuan.By 2020, the new energy industry, whether it is a lithium battery, new materials or electric vehicles, energy storage, will usher in the great development, especially in the automotive industry and electric energy storage industry will usher in over one trillion yuan level market.Thus, for the enterprise, in order to achieve long-term sustainable development, on the one hand to have a "craftsman spirit", to always adhere to the efforts in research and development, product quality; the other hand also the good customer service, attention should be paid to personnel training And development.In the new year, Yan Wanda will continue to firmly primary lithium battery industry belief that the consolidation and development of mobile digital type lithium-ion batteries, laptop batteries like lithium ion, lithium ion batteries, and power on the existing business We will further increase investment in research and strengthen research and development in the field of electric vehicle batteries, storage batteries, smart grid, etc., in order to better provide customers with competitive new energy solutions and products.LOreal China president and CEO Feibo Rui: China market is full of opportunities as the first French companies to enter China, LOreal rooted in China more than 20 years, witnessed the Chinese governments adherence to the reform and opening up has made great economic achievements, and become common prosperity beneficiaries.We welcome and look forward to actively promote a new round of China to expand opening-up policy."Foreign Investment Law" to develop and implement, it is important to arrange China open transition to a system of rules type of commodity and factor mobility-traded, will establish and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in China, in law, to show the Chinese to embrace the world, promote economic globalization determination and mobility.China, equal treatment for all investors equally, not only help China achieve its development goals, but also for foreign enterprises to cooperate in China to provide broad opportunities to promote the further development of multilateral and bilateral cooperation.In recent years, global economic and trade environment has changed, uncertainty increased, but the market has undergone changes in Chinas impressive.Over the past few years, China has made a lot of efforts to make the Chinese market more stable, transparent and predictable fairness, but also inject the power of prosperity and stability for the entire world.In recent years, faster and faster pace of reform, the implementation of increasingly efficient, bigger and bigger and open the door to China, the business environment is getting better, so that our confidence in the Chinese market has never been greater.At the Second China International Import Expo, we feel this is particularly strong.Chinese market is so big, but also more and more, everyone is worth a look.A reform does not stop, do not stop opening up of China, a commitment to promote the development of economic globalization, Chinas construction of an open economy, a more open and inclusive attitude to embrace the world, countries committed to work together for common development and build a human community of destiny China has become the world of opportunities.Of course, investors enjoy the same legal treatment policy must also follow the bear equal responsibility obligations, with the best quality products and the most personalized experience of quality services to the public.Over the past 22 years, LOreal in China remains robust, high-quality development.China is the worlds second largest consumer market, expanding domestic demand also contributed to the economic development of Chinese consumption has become the first carriages.LOreal is proud to be able to upgrade for the Chinese consumer market, high-quality development had a positive impact.In this process, LOreal has also become Chinas largest cosmetics group, the China market to build into the worlds second largest market for the Group, and to promote the Asia-Pacific region to become LOreal Group, the worlds largest regional market.The world today is undergoing great change in the situation of a century No.Looking to the future, "the big wide sea fish," the Chinese will certainly promising, but will accomplish much.LOreal will always remember the beginning of the heart, to further develop the power of the United States, the parties to work together to build a "better spending" ecosystem, to create a better business, a better life, a better civic values, a better society and, ultimately, better China and contribute to a better world.Economic Daily Yang Yang Teng Li Wanxiang Zhu Lin

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