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  Oriental charm purchase hand in hand Lynx, Lynx star Aaron Kwok opened the exclusive shop model As the Almighty King of the Chinese entertainment, whether it is the royal stage singing and dancing is superb, and as a young guide dream mentor, Aaron Kwok has been the perfect moment active in the personal image before the public.2020 July 4 Aaron Kwok as a AKFS + Brand, founder of start Lynx star Aaron Kwok ceremony at the exclusive shop Alibaba lecture hall, conference active atmosphere, beautiful stage effects.According to reports, the Oriental charm purchase planned throughout the implementation of Aaron exclusive brand released.The creation, operation Lynx Lynx star first exclusive shop, choose from the conference in the headquarters of Ali Baba lecture hall, to the appointment of Reds who live drive sales, use of the Oriental charm purchase years of online marketing experience, and achieved arrogance people results.Learned that the East has a charm purchase elite team of online marketing experience in more than 10 years, its cooperation model professional, strategic, overall and innovation received by the industry, which is able on an online marketing fight, fight tough team.Mr. Aaron Kwok and Oriental charm the purchase of in-depth cooperation, and product launches that day made a minute sales of 500 million units a total of 15 million bottles of shampoo performance, professional-looking marketing is undoubtedly its full expression.Lynx star Aaron Kwok exclusive online store selling AKFS + is a combination of personal care products in Japan advanced technology and micro-molecular penetration Kampo medicine regimen, contains a natural hair care Aaron personal philosophy, AKFS stands for "Aaron Kwok" abbreviation, and "+" represents PLUS, means that each product is added to the Chinese medicine conditioning the scalp.By skin care ingredients to hair care, and be able to prescribe the right medicine for different hair problems, to really solve the problem of hair from the root.Conference site business strategy at Lynx Investment Manager sail next stage and host an interactive, expressed the Lynx platform is very welcome Mr. Aaron Kwok star to join the exclusive shop for online prospects star Reds put forward a very professional background interpretation.Mr. Aaron Kwok and also the presence of guests were interactive forum, making the audience a close look Kwoks hair raising experience, rewarding.Lynx grand launch of the first star shop started under the witness of the guests, the president of the Oriental charm purchase, aspiring carefully selected Sim, founder, business strategy at Lynx Investment Manager, Mr. Aaron Kwok, AKFS + brand represents three) days cat as a professional Alibabas most comprehensive online shopping platform, called the quality of the city shopping consumers around the world love the Oriental charm hand in hand to buy the Lynx, Aaron Kwok, its exclusive brand tailored to the Chinese online brand sales play and play, will lead the star brand new model of online sales.

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