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  The world gathered in the port city of Ningbo, Zhejiang seek cooperation, "the common denominator" Across time and space, a flash Millennium.Maritime Silk Road are equipped with the kind of historical evolution and change, but they carry the spirit of cooperation, but through the millennia long-lasting tradition.July 11, Seacell Harbor International Cooperation Forum held in Ningbo, from 44 countries and regions, experts and industry Qiju Dong Hai Sea, seek common port cooperation, "the common denominator".Maritime Silk Road is an important part of high-quality build "along the way" of.Ministry of Foreign Affairs Peoples Republic of China International Economic Guo Xuejun, deputy director, said blue build partnerships through the development of port and shipping industry to strengthen land and sea transport, land and sea to create a new channel, build a blue economic zone "Big open to the sea for landlocked countries trade channel, benefiting from the industrial chain and value chain, so that the world economic growth, more powerful."The picture shows the activity site.Ding Jimin photo In addition, Guo Xuejun stressed port enterprises should actively adapt to the tide of the digital economy and the fourth industrial revolution, strengthen marine scientific research and technical cooperation, "create a new port and shipping industry technology, new industries, new formats, offshore Silk engine installation wisdom."President of the International Association of San Diego Harbor Garcia Mira noted that the current port is facing the challenge of sustainable development of energy conversion, environmental protection and so on," Our main mission is to make port operations more sustainable way, while economic can maintain rapid development."San Diego Garcia Mira proposes to support sustainable development to the port through technological innovation," At the same time, we also need high-level talents will combine the wisdom of Port and City Development."With the establishment of mechanisms for the normalization of visits and communication channels, ports continued cooperation in the global brewing Development.Spain Algeciras Port Authority main Xihelaer multi-Rand Ruth said: "International Cooperation Forum held Hastens port, gives us a good opportunity, so that we can exchange ideas with each other, for the shipping industry is very important."The picture shows the activity site.Ding Jimin taken to the port of Ningbo, Zhoushan, for example, from the Kaohsiung area has grown into a cargo throughput of over 10 million tons of the world can not develop without cooperation between Chittagong port of Ningbo Zhoushan Port,.Harbor Group, Zhejiang Province, Ningbo, Zhoushan Port Group, Chairman Mao Jianhong, said the current port an increasingly competitive industry, port enterprises should give up single, homogenization mode, seeking to improve the overall competitiveness of the purpose of the cooperation model, "multi-party cooperation model , the conversion principle to jointly sharing for real projects into tangible infrastructure, trade in services into the parties to the size and economic growth indicators."

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