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  People come on: a firm confidence to overcome the epidemic Since the outbreak, the spread anxiety in some people, they face a loss epidemic.Indeed, the face of the epidemic can not leave things to chance, we can not be blindly optimistic, but do not panic.In fact, when our eyes to observe the changes around you, look at the overall situation of the national epidemic prevention and control, or to understand the CPC Central Committee and the country is gradually pushing the work will be confident of victory over the epidemic.First lunar month, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting, listened to work reports of pneumonia epidemic prevention and control novel coronavirus infection, particularly in the treatment of epidemic prevention and control work of patient re-study, re-deployment, re-mobilization.It was decided that the CPC Central Committee set up a leading group to deal with the epidemic, working under the leadership of the Politburo Standing Committee.CPC Central Committee sent a steering group to Hubei and other epidemic-hit areas, to promote the strengthening of relevant local comprehensive prevention and control of front-line work.Since the epidemic prevention and control work across the country is on the fast track, the countrys elite medical personnel rushed to support Wuhan, epidemic prevention rushed transporting supplies.Changes around us full of confidence.In order to avoid cross-infection to prevent the flow of people, this years Spring Festival deserted shopping malls, visiting friends and relatives fewer, Chinese New Year stall movies and other entertainment programs have been delayed.Nevertheless, the industry fighting in the front line staff still stick to their posts, traffic police, take-away little brother, sanitation workers, shopping malls clerk, still in the running for the convenience of the citys public life.Shopping malls trying to protect the replenishment supply; working towards medical supplies factory in overtime; sanitation workers regularly clean up rubbish to maintain environmental hygiene, everything is still in order, as long as you can pay attention to observe confident.National epidemic prevention and control methodical confidence in people.Currently, around timely, scientific and efficient in promoting epidemic prevention and control work worthy of recognition.We should see: a patient has been diagnosed after another throughout the cure, the test cartridge detection of the virus has been developed rapidly sent around, novel coronavirus vaccine therapy is also being stepped up to develop.Local governments were launched in response to a public health event, and the persons back to work ahead of time, the creation of specialized hospital treatment over the country, the construction of Wuhan six days Vulcan Hill Hospital, two weeks building Raytheon Hill Hospital.The country is actively and steadily respond, step by step and orderly prevention and control work.Our ability to mobilize the institutional strengths of the organization are fully stimulate.From the various business units, to the city streets, to the township village, suspected patient thoroughly, and to take timely measures to discourage isolation and treatment, Take Measures to roll out a big net, effectively limit the spread of the disease.Confidence and solidarity, we will eventually win this epidemic prevention and control warfare.(volt)

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