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  "Poetry neighbor", poetry into this type of program in the burning "Next Door Poetry", poems type of program can actually burn like that what is "besieged", what is "House of Flying Daggers" to listen to a classical pipa, you understand every summer, will usher in primary and secondary legislation "small Summit objectives ": these two months, I have to read many books, how many first ancient poetry school, how many English words to remember.In fact, compared to the elders of daily instruction, interest is the best teacher.In recent years, major television stations, video sites original cultural variety show innovation, in the interest tap into people watching, but also set up a absorb cultural knowledge "bridge".For example, this summer, there is Tencent video, Hebei TV broadcast of "neighborhood Poetry" to "poetry garden Gathering" forms of innovation, numerous pink circle.The show highlights of what?What is the "people" place?Open the "neighborhood Poetry", we take a closer look.Western dance a dance with "Weicheng Qu" This interpretation of poetry never seen what is "poetry garden Gathering"?Watch an episode of "Next Door Poetry" you will understand.2400 square meters of the studio, is a waterside corridors of classical Chinese courtyard, the hit TV series "ice-breaking operation" in the Lin Yaodong through here, it became a moderator.Each program, Wang Jinsong in the courtyard of the Friends of tea, just select a poetry, gathered with a few friends from all walks of life, "Laoke" poetry in a good story.The former three programs to watch, show and poetry fact, we all back off.For example, "water side" of the "Book of Songs Qin Feng Reeds", Xiang Yus "Gaixia Song", and said the best feeling of parting "Weicheng Qu".How Laoke, in fact, is very particular about.For example, the second episode of "Gaixia Song", not only the interpretation of Wang Jinsong "Gaixia song" desolation and helplessness, but also to listen to a Zi Rui, CAI Jing ultra-performing opera excerpts "Farewell My Concubine".This was not enough, heavy yet to come - with country music master Fang Jin Long Wu Xian lute playing music a few paragraphs provide a more three-dimensional feel for everyone to understand the dimensions of the situation that time Xiang Yu.What is "besieged", what is "House of Flying Daggers", after these classical music, then you do not need to say anything else.The broadcast date, the most amazing is the third interim period "Kucha music and dance" performance by the dancers Gulimina, her ancient murals inspired reproduction of Western dance during the Tang Dynasty."We see mostly poetry handed down through the text, with the dance show to express emotions in a poem, provides a new way to understand for everyone."Said Gulimina.And her performance so users can not help but sigh: "I feel she is coming out from the mural in the."Talking about this, we should have found the essence of this show.It is to poetry as the main linkage music, dance, books, paintings, tea and other elements, to the audience break apart crumple, releasing poetry deeper flavor children.The barrage there have been many friends laugh: "ah, this program very knowledge-intensive, holding a book in mind about it!"" I used to think to teach children to learn the ancient poetry, in addition to reciting, as if there is no better way to learn the.This program has given me a lot of inspiration, his son liked, chasing watch.I am going to start with Chinese clothes let him have fun, perhaps he would be more interesting to her own poetry."Users Lydia888 say the voices of countless mothers."Ancient poetry is not just part of history, it also applies to our life and emotions.We can also many modern ways, such as pop music and animation, as it would like to be able to express emotion and mood presented, like the life of such a good variety."Users fall apart says.How Cultural variety of innovative small and beautiful very large ones in the pink circle "Cultural program" appears focused in recent years, ancient poetry is the most common entry point.According to incomplete statistics, last year alone nearly stalls poetry, prose related cultural programs broadcast on CCTV and each TV, and nearly three years of similar programs aired nearly 20 stalls.Among them, more well-known "Chinese Poetry Conference", "classic chant spread" and so on, they let the poetry culture program for the first time "the circle", becoming a national concern "national program".Take "Chinese Poetry Conference", it has been four years in a row red.In February of this year, the fourth quarter finals, live weather forecasts and data after CCTV News Network, among the nations top ratings evening running the program, the cultural variety of the prosperous market, but also to show each file in the program form, content, etc. terms of innovation, change, and strive ranked "invincible" in competition with similar programs in.Following the "Chinese Poetry Conference", CCTV has launched large-scale cultural poetry music program in 2020 "classic chant spread".Different from the "Chinese Poetry Conference" of the "Hundred" and "The One hegemony" competitive, "the classic chant spread" is taking the "poetry and singing" way, the poetry and music blending modern pop, led the audience in the interpretation of a singer-songwriter in public, appreciate the beauty of poetry, and invited cultural scholars and musicians sits reviews.Today, the "neighborhood Poetry" play more mix and match.But not tight, exciting scene PK, guests need not learn the rich Capella, learning and ability, but their skills in the arts, just to clever fusion of poetry, three-dimensional, multi-faceted poetry to show the charm of Chinese culture.Even if the audience is not particularly interested in ancient poetry, but also interesting because of the variety show, easy to understand and immersive look into it, slowly appreciate the poetry hidden behind ancient historical, cultural knowledge.Currently on the program line three, if they can keep the current level, you should be afraid of this profile cultural programs are not red!Qiu Jia Sheng

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