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  To carry out a variety of activities to celebrate the countrys birthday party CCTV News: seventy-one coming to carry out a variety of activities over the country to celebrate the 98 anniversary of the Communist Party of China.From Zunyi Meeting Memorial, to a great representative of the CPC Wang Jinmei martyrs hometown in Shandong Zhucheng, the majority of party members solemnly swear, did not forget to express beginning of the heart, keeping in mind the mission of the firm belief.Changde in Hunan, the wisdom of party building a platform for party members at the same time review the party oath.Keep in mind the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, seventy-one eve, Jiangxi Pingxiang organize the party members into the fields, and the masses ate, lived with labor.Sing the hymn era, Huaian in Jiangsu Province, Changchun, Jilin, Heilongjiang Mohe, a huge flag along with "I love you, China" and other songs of melody unfolds, people in such a way, the partys birthday gift for fatherland cheers.MOHE masses Ning Yuchun: Now we state more prosperous and more, peoples life is improving day by day, we caught a good time.Near seventy-one, a flash event attracted thousands of people to participate in Zhengding, we were all singing "would be no new China without the Communist Party" to express the partys blessing.Zhengding masses Bao Linlin: in this form to sing Ode to the Motherland party, I felt very proud, I hope our party as well as our country is getting better, more powerful.PLA and armed police officers and soldiers by the organization to carry out review the party oath, will be held heroes deeds, visiting Revolutionary Memorial Hall, motivate officers and soldiers did not forget the early heart, remember our mission, to contribute their efforts in the great journey of a strong army - Military.Strategic support troops a unit instructor Chen Zhengxing: looking at the red flag, each soldier will be deeply felt responsibility and bear their shoulders heavy, I will use their own practical action to the party turn in a satisfactory answer.

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