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  2019 Zhejiang approved the arrest of all kinds of criminal 51147 people Introduced on the 14th, the Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Procuratorate Jia Yu as Peoples Procuratorate work report at the Thirteenth Peoples Congress of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province three meetings in 2020, the province had approved the arrest of all kinds of crimes 51147 persons prosecuted 100,469 people.Jia Yu Peoples Procuratorate work report for Zhejiang Province.Tu Yiqin taken in 2020 are crucial in anti-crime crackdown, a large number of cases involving the Mafia involved in evil enter the Procuratorate.The province has approved the evil forces arrest suspects 4271 people, 5202 people have been prosecuted, Guan Yu Rong, Chen Yi and other major exhibition organized gangs involved in evil, gang severely punished.How to protect the healthy development of private enterprises in Zhejiang is also a prosecution "must answer".Jia Yu said that Zhejiang adhere to both punishment and protection, while punishing crimes related enterprises according to law, carry out economic cases involving non-public filing supervision and custody of the need to review the special activities of the minor crime of private entrepreneurs to lift or change the compulsory measures according to law 170, and resolutely prevent the "handle one case, a corporate collapse, a group of laid-off workers.".Work together to promote anti-corruption, Zhejiang prosecutors handled a total of JISC 1032 people transferred to the prosecution case, an increase of 51.1%, it has prosecuted 835 people; among nine people bureau level, county level 70.

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