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  Inner Mongolia arrested a man selling high-priced masks 5 27, reporters from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau was informed that Muslims, a man convicted of selling high-priced masks held in administrative detention on the 5th.January 26 10 am, Hohhot Public Security Bureau police station received a report from the masses steel road, someone selling masks in front of a supermarket at high prices.Police station quickly out of the police, the men are selling masks summoned to the police station for investigation.Police through investigation found that Wang will be sold for 10 yuan a market price of 30 yuan a mask, in the fight against the epidemic novel coronavirus pneumonia, shortage of masks, the price gouging, profiteering.The picture shows the high sales masks men in administrative detention.Iron Road police station for drawing the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Inner Mongolia was at 12:25 on January Ri launch a major public health emergency response, and the relevant authorities have released prohibit price gouging, FORBIDDANCE trafficking associated with this health epidemic equipment and protective equipment related announcement, Wang for their own gain, high prices still secretly trafficking masks.Eventually, the police Wang punished according to the law of administrative detention on the 5th.

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