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  Ministry will strengthen supervision and inspection of industrial energy efficiency Deputy Minister of Industry and Guobin 10th in the countrys industrial energy monitoring television and telephone conference in 2020 will accelerate the implementation of the project green manufacturing, green manufacturing industry to grow, strengthen supervision and supervision of industrial energy, green industry efforts to solve the problem of uneven development is not sufficient.Xin Guobin said energy monitoring is to implement the laws, regulations and mandatory standards for energy efficiency, standardize enterprise behavior of energy, an important law enforcement tool to promote the rational use of energy enterprises.In recent years, the Ministry of Industry to organize the implementation of major industrial projects energy monitoring.Since 2016, the cumulative energy-intensive enterprises to monitor over 20,000, completed 20 energy saving monitor full coverage.Energy monitoring work has boosted the equity market, accelerate the energy efficient technology, equipment, technology and product promotion applications, and promote energy saving industrial enterprises.2016 to 2020, energy consumption per unit added value of above-scale industrial enterprises is expected to fall 15.6%.Xin Guobin suggested that the Ministry will insist on promoting industrial quality development, accelerate green manufacturing implementation of the project, to lay the industrial and communications industry pollution control tough fight, expand green manufacturing industry, increase green product supply, continue to strengthen energy monitoring and energy-saving diagnosis, reducing the energy consumption of resources.

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