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  Three days break seven hundred million "us" obvious magic Three days break seven hundred million "us" obvious magic lukewarm month of the summer at the weekend is finally a domestic animated film lit."Rebels came into the world of magic boy" was released three days at the box office breaking 700 million at record multiple film history record; network rates up to 8.As shown in Figure 7, nearly 30 years to become the highest rated domestic animated film; repeatedly boarded related topics trending, causing tens of millions of viewers of heated debate, was praised as the "National Man of Light", many fans also Rebels have Zhaqi head.Long before release, "us into the world of magic boy" has been showing the potential of "explosion models", the point mapping of high reputation of the audience look forward to this doubling of domestic animation.Videos after the official release on Friday, in just one hour 29 minutes on the box office breaking billion, a record-breaking animated film fastest one hundred million records; released on the second day break box office total of 400 million Chinese have become film historys first single-day box office breaking 200 million animated films; the third day release at the box office breaking 700 million domestic animated film record one-week box office record.Box office rising at the same time, the director dumplings are also non-stop road shows throughout the country, on-site to answer questions from audience.Dalian in the roadshow, Huang Bo went to the site to help movie.He said that would be heard before the look, the expected value is relatively high, but after viewing still unexpectedly, also argued that Chan movie "From all aspects of aesthetics, story, characters, etc. are particularly bold, assertive personality has always been implementing the movie".In dealing with the characters, he praised Huang Bo, director of the Rebels start into the black "magic child", he later became particularly worried about "good boy", but did not take the general director of the story, not full of subversive ideas Like surprises."Rebels of the magic boy came into the world" in the figure is no absolute "being the villain," each persons behavior and performance are a novelty, this particular set was recognized by many viewers.After mapping the conference, wearing a specially Rebels head of the audience said, "every movie features vivid characters are full", regardless of being the villain are people like, with high interpretability.Another student said fan, movies, while entertaining at a serious topic, not the same as the Rebels, Ao C, Shen male leopard, Taiyizhenren, "completely subvert but reasonable", is a "top with version "of the animated film, and look forward to have the opportunity to work with director dumplings.In this regard, the director dumplings interpretation that the film is actually the biggest villain destiny.Very little discussion of the film, Rebels and Ao is the fate of propylene treat different attitudes.Tablets, us though is the "magic child", the world suffered prejudice, but with the help of Li Jing couples, Master Taiyizhenren, insist on their own way against fate; Ao propylene although "youngsters", but in the Dragon withstand heavy pressure and many expect to turn over, he took the wrong road.Rebels, Ao propylene seemingly incompatible, but in reality the hares.As can be seen from the audiences enthusiastic feedback, the movie "Rebels of the magic boy came into the world" is the most attractive of all its traditional mythological heroes were subversive adaptation.Dumplings director, said: "The story is a shell, which is the spiritual core needs changing with the times.Culture of every age should be in line with the contemporary spirit, we are in the service of contemporary audience the concept has been adapted to the original."Movie" Rebels of the magic boy came into the world "after 66 Edition modify the script, the film many seemingly subversion settings are rich in meaning director dumplings.For example, the film deliberately underwater set to "submarine purgatory" because there is "purgatory" of the more prominent Maronite prejudice suffered grievances and unwilling to heaven, but also to save Ao propylene behavior of the Dragon more convincing; hot for the audience the "shuttlecock" scene, the director said that the generation time of kickball and other sports in which the Rebelss do not match, but there is no "shuttlecock" produce exact age, both fun and plot are bonded together, why they chose the "shuttlecock "; no film Zha trouser design, not simply to increase the fun, but according to the description, Zha era in the absence of trouser; and Shen Gongbao stuttering treatment, mainly because he was a heart is very depressed character, much prejudice heaven, when things are brought to light, repressed anger burst out one-time, he completely say "I, Shen male leopard"; Taiyizhenren of "Trump" is set, first, because of his hometown Qianyuanshan golden cave in Sichuan, the second is the director repeated attempts to find the most fit Trump and roles.These seemingly minor details and settings are actually the movie plot, history and culture are closely linked, repeated studies and confirmed by the director of dumplings.The "intention" also attracted many viewers have said, "In order to not pay attention to these small details, but also to watch again.".Industry sources estimate the film at the box office is expected to exceed 2 billion.Reporter Li Li

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