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  China and the US hold security issues synthetic biology "Track II talks." By the China Tianjin University and Johns Hopkins University co-sponsored entitled "era of synthetic biology challenges facing the two countries," the "two-track talks" held in Washington on the 26th.Hundreds of Chinese and American experts in the field of biology, government officials together to discuss the opportunities and challenges currently faced by the Institute of synthetic biology.Synthetic biology is a new discipline the use of engineering principles as guidelines for biological research, its purpose, simply put, is either modify an existing biological system, either to create new biological systems.Synthetic biology will be given to human beings the ability to "creation", and can bring great benefits, but if abused will bring huge risks.At the same time how to give full play to the potential of this technology effective risk management and control, become the problem of synthetic biology must face.The "Track II talks," the main objective, that is, technical and policy experts hope that the two countries through in-depth exchanges, stimulate new ideas, new policies and promote scientific tools designed to promote the safe development of synthetic biology.The meeting is rich in content.Organizers set up a number of thematic seminars, experts from both countries about the biosafety and biosecurity era of synthetic biology on the subject, it is synthetic biology prospects, opportunities and challenges currently facing, supervision and management of research activities, new development of training a generation of scientists, behavioral scientists guidelines, and how to effectively promote international cooperation synthetic biology research and other issues in-depth exchange of views.Professor Tom Ingalls worship director of Center for Health and Safety at Johns Hopkins University in an interview with reporters, said Science and Technology Daily, safe synthetic biology is an important issue, China is a world leader in the field of synthetic biology, with China exchanges and cooperation is very important, the meeting provided a rare opportunity for Chinese and American scientists to understand each other, learn from each other, to discuss solutions to problems.Professor Zhang Weiwen, director of Biosafety Center for Strategic Studies, Tianjin University, pointed out that over the past decade, synthetic biology has made considerable progress, and the corresponding construction supervision mechanism is somewhat lagged, synthetic biology research potential risks can not be ignored.As a leading country in this field, the views and practice of the two countries for the global life science research has important implications.I believe that through this dialogue, the two scholars will be more clearly understood, understand each others perspectives and concerns, deepen cooperation, and jointly promote the safe and sustainable development of synthetic biology, so that this revolutionary technology to better mankind.

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